Dealer Registration


How to register as a Dealer with Farmington Auto Auction

For your convenience, we have put together this checklist to take some of the confusion out of registering to participate in our auto auctions. Please review the checklist and fill out the forms that are a part of this packet.

  • Dealer Application – fully completed and signed.
  • Bank Letter – Signed and returned (if applicable)
  • FAA Rules & Policies – signed and dated
  • Copy of current Dealer’s License
  • Copy of current Dealer Bond
  • Legible copies of driver’s licenses for authorized representatives

All Forms must to be faxed to (505) 213-0034 attn: Registration or Emailed to
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Forms must be completed and sent in Before Registering for simulcast

For Simulcast Online bidding

#1 After Forms are completed and sent please visit us at (I recommend saving to link to make it easier when wanting to log on)

#2 On that web page in blue Register a New Account and fill in the blanks and summit For online bidding

#3 shortly you should receive an email verifying your account is active

For any Question please contact us at (505) 326-1005

Sell Only Checklist and Forms

  • Sale only information sheet
  • FAA Rules & Policies – signed and dated
  • Additional Auction Information
  • Consignment Card
  • Consignment Sheet