Green Light Lane


Rules And Conditions

  • All Consigned Units MUST be 100% GREEN LIGHT
  • All units will Run in a SPECIAL Green Light Only Lane.
  • The GREEN LIGHT Lane will run EARLY in the Sale.
  • All units Must be CLEAN (Wash & Vac. Available $35.00)
  • All units Must arrive at FAA by 12 PM Tuesday
  • All units must be 2005 and NEWER
  • All units must be 150K or less on mileage
  • Actual Miles
  • If the unit is ARBITRATED or FAILS PSI Loser Pays Penalty of $75.00
  • If unit Fails PSI or is ARBITRATED and found DEFECTIVE Seller Pays Penalty of $75.00
  • If the unit is ARBITRATED and vehicle is GOOD Buyer Pays Penalty of $75.00